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Blur, Two New Songs? Speculation Grows…

Blur at the brit awards
Rumours have been circulating on the internet for a while now regarding the future of Blur. Starting way back last year when it was revealed that they had been meeting up in preparation for their Brit Awards performance. A few days before that said performance, Damon and Graham played a charity concert and debuted a new song titled ‘Under The Westway’. Again, rumours of secret studio sessions were aghast. William Orbit then threw a spanner into the works claiming that Damon Albarn had halted the sessions without giving an explanation to the rest of the band. Alex James then took to twitter to exclaim that he loved being in the studio with Blur. Trigger confusion from Blur fans globally.

Fast forward to last week at the ‘Poetry Olympics’ in London where Damon, armed with an acoustic guitar plays another new son titled ‘The Puritan’. Speculation again reaches fever point on the official Blur Forum and across twitter land. Follow this up to the last 24 hours. Yesterday we get a tweet from @blurofficial saying:

“#Blur‬ ‪#ThePuritan‬ @blurofficial / 7.15pm / 2nd July”

This was accompanied by this image:
The Puritan

Fast forward to lunchtime today and we are given another tweet, this time saying:

“#blur‬ ‪#underthewestway‬ @blurofficial / 7.15pm (BST) / 2nd July”

Accompanied by this image:
Under The Westway

Yes these reference the two new tracks we know about, but what of it? Could we be expecting a double-sided 7″ maybe? A download? Or could there be more tracks to be revealed and a new ep maybe? We cannot answer this simply because we do not know! We were recently told when applying for a photo pass that no press would be allowed at the Civic Hall gig in Wolverhampton in August simply because the band were “using it as a way to ‘road test’ some new material”. This could be a hint of bigger things to come maybe? Who knows, one thing I know is, I am very VERY excited at the prospect of some new Blur material whatever format it comes in!


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