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Forest Announce New Single ‘Coaster’

FOREST have released a new video for lead single ‘Coaster’ ahead of their ‘Caramel Arms’ EP release on October 28th via Indelabel. The footage was shot on a farm in their home town of Cambridge by the band themselves as singer Henry Barraclough explains:

“The video sort of reflects how the energy of the track is disjointed from the mood of what I’m singing about. The video was shot slower, so the actual performance felt a lot slower and moody, but then it was sped up which masks the fact it was done that way – in the same way the speed and energy of the track mask the negativity of the lyrics. However, the speeding up of the track is quite obvious, in the same way the energy and speed of the track doesn’t totally mask the lyrical content, which demonstrates a sense of vulnerability.”

Available on a limited edition wax coloured 10”, this thought-filled new release features four blissfully arranged, fuzzed-out indie tracks recorded by the band themselves on Indie Label.

See Forest play live at the Buffalo Bar in London on the 22nd October at 8.30pm.

“Forest invokes the giddy, back-of-the-bike shed buzz of your first bifter.” – Q Magazine

“It’s excitable, shoegaze-tinged brilliance, all pumped up on hormones.” – Fake DIY

“I can see them doing big things this year.” – The 405

Caramel Arms EP:
1. Coaster
2. 99
3. Warm Tyres
4. Oh


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