Haim – ‘The Wire’
Summary: The zeitgeist band of 2013 prove they've got it where it counts.

Zeitgest-capturing wünderkind Haim are only one week away from the release of their highly anticipated debut album. Before that, however, there’s the small matter of new single ‘The Wire’. Fans of a certain TV show may be slightly disappointed to learn that Haim haven’t gone all gangsta and started rapping about life on the corners. Instead, the sisters Haim make full use of their trademark vocal fluidity, interspersed with mesmerising guitar work and ever-present drumming that gives the song its real pulse. While always wearing their 70s influences on their sleeves, there’s no mistaking Haim for some kind of throwback; there’s something undeniably modern about their sound, and if ‘The Wire’ is anything to go by, then theirs could well be the sound that defines 2013.

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Adrienne Law

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