Nina Nesbitt – ‘The Best You Had’
Summary: Nina Nesbitt has released her second single hot on the heels of the brilliant ‘The Moments I’m Missing’.

Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt has released her second single from an as-yet-unconfirmed second album. Following hot on the heels of the brilliant ‘The Moments I’m Missing’, ‘The Best You Had’ is a tale of lost love dedicated to an ex.

After a couple of years following her debut album ‘Peroxide’ exploring new sounds and avenues, it’s a relief to find Nina in an elgantly sassy and confident mood. Older and wiser in comparison to the likes of ‘The Apple Tree’, ‘Stay Out’ and ‘Selfies’, ‘The Best You Had’ is a perfect blend of old and new.

A poppy yet fairly sombre track, the track flows nicely from it’s predecessor. The track shows off Nesbitt’s vocal range to great extent. The reflecting lyrics turn in to a kick in the teeth with it’s confident and spiteful chorus of “It’s crazy how you’ve moved on, yet I’m still the best you had”.

With her succession of two great tracks back to back, and a brilliant new sound, it’s exciting to see where Nina is heading and what will come next. Needless to say the excitement is building for more offerings from the talented starlet.

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