The Beaches – Heights
Summary: Toronto's all-girl rockers return with their second EP, synths and electronics in tow.

Having just completed a high-profile support slot for Brody Dalle across the country, the girls from THE BEACHES must be pretty hyped at the moment. In a new country and now releasing their new EP Heights, things are certainly looking good for the Toronto four-piece right now.

This new EP sees things a little lighter. Although not as instantly heavy as the self-titled debut EP last year, we get some more sounds evolving across this soundscape. More electronica creeps in under the surface of all 5 tracks presented here. Opening the EP is ‘Strange Love’. Glorious harmonising vocals (presented in two-tones across the chorus) show that there is a lot more to the group than just thrashing out rock n’ roll-by-numbers. Saying that though, the guitars do shine and the rhythm section complement the new electronic angle superbly.

‘Little Pieces’ sees the guitars low in the mix, but chugging out an almost Space 1979 type riff under a semi-disco beat and slinky vocals. “I can’t take it all, these faces lost in my head” sings frontwoman Jordan Miller as her sister Kylie bends the guitar strings to a new level. ‘Zsa Zsa’ sees another funky electronic riff undercut the driving guitars, but it is drummer Eliza Enman-McDaniel who excells on this track, powering the whole thing through at a fervent pace.

Keyboard player Leandra Earl provides a chugging electro riff over ‘The Dance’, which seems to both echo and battle the guitar. Jordan’s vocals almost become one with the music. Closing track ‘Hey I Love You’, in keeping with the rest of the EP, isn’t a straight forward love song, it’s an upbeat slice of rock/disco/pop/punk. Opening with the line “I never knew I was a yeti until the day you found me” certainly throws you aside, before the chorus is shouted in your face.

These girls have fire, without any doubt. In some respects they are still finding their sound and work slightly better with the louder guitars. But nonetheless, this is an impressive EP and surely proves that elements of ‘grrl-rock’ can still be unearthed, and to high standards. Being managed by Raine Meida from Our Lady Piece has seen the band pull in support from the likes of Brody Dalle, and will no doubt see the girls shine as the career path widens. Hopefully the girls will return to UK shores in the not too distant future to further promote this wonderful EP.

Heights is out now.

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