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2023/03/16 – Enter Shikari – KK’s Steel Mill, Wolverhampton

Photography & Review: G. Rossington.

Having caused a ruckus back in February with their first round of tour dates, Enter Shikari returned to KK’s Steel Mill in Wolverhampton to further promote their new album ‘A Kiss for The Whole World’. Playing mini residencies across 5 UK cities across 3 months is something a bit old school, but equally as new and refreshing to the UK touring scene.

Opening the second of three residency shows in Wolverhampton (the first was in February and the final is in April) tonight is Cody Frost. Having been a previous finalist on The Voice may lead many to be sceptical, but she had so much enthusiasm and energy throughout her set, it was hard not to be won over by the end. Highlights included ‘Verbal Warnings’, ‘Wot?’ and set closer ‘Redundant’.

Next to warm up the audience is As Everything Unfolds. Another set of hardcore, bass and riff heavy tunes led by Charlie Rolfe. ‘Flip Side’ and ‘Slow Down’ are highlights and the final ‘On The Inside’ from their debut album which is now a staggering 10 years old. With the audience lapping their set up, they disappear as the on stage hands come to remove their things and set up for the main act.

Bang on time, the house lights fade and the stage is a washed with an impressive light show as the entrance. Minimalist visuals are on show tonight, but who needs visuals when you have a band riding the crest of a wave? Enter Shikari arrive onstage for the second in their run of five venue residencies across three months and launch straight in to ‘It Hurts’.

As the stage fills with dry ice and the light shows dazzle, the track comes to a conclusion and with a bang, they launch straight in to ‘Juggernaut’. Bassist Chris Batten takes to the mic after the track to say “Are you ready for round two? Who was here for the first round? We need to up the energy and take it to the next level!” to which the audience cheers in their reaction.

‘The Dreamer’s Hotel’, ‘Halcyon’ and ‘Hectic’ follow through and whip the crowd in to a frenzy. ‘The Void Stares Back’ see’s frontman Rou Reynolds jump in to the audience and worm his way through the crowd towards the mixing desk at the back. By the end of the song, he is hanging from one of the roof support pillars and the audience around him are clamouring to get that photo for Instagram. As the song fades out it is mentioned that it’ll be a long way back to the stage if he has to take selfies with everyone. A few minutes later, the show is ready to continue.

‘Satellites’, ‘The Pressure’s On’ and recent single ‘Bloodshot’ entice a circle pit and carnage amongst the youngsters in the audience. Just as everyone is catching their breath, ‘Labyrinth’ kicks of round sixty of the chaos followed by ‘Radiate’ which sees the room filled with everyone singing along. ‘(pls) Set Me On Fire’ is set to an explosion of lasers and lights as the room bounces with the vibrancy of the live version.

Cody Frost is welcomed back to the stage to duet on ‘Bull’ which goes down an absolute treat amongst the congregation tonight, the huge singalong almost drowning the band out which is an impressive feat. ‘Sorry, You’re Not A Winner’ closes the set as Rou leaves with the parting words that Wolverhampton has been the best audience across the two mini tours so far.

The encore begins with Reynolds coming back to the stage alone to perform ‘Stop The Clocks’ as a duet between him and the audience. ‘System’ has taken on an almost poetic performance in the live setting now, reminiscent of Patrick Jones’ “Guerrilla Tapestry” performance. ‘Meltdown’ follows which leads in to the finale of ‘Live Outside’. By the time the song reaches its’ crescendo, the room is bouncing from wall to wall like a wave machine at a pool. They wanted to up the energy from the first show and this was certainly achieved, what will happen for the third and final performance next month however, remains to be seen.

The final performance will see the venue twisted on its side playing to a bigger capacity crowd. Limited extra tickets have gone on sale, if you are lucky to get one, you will most certainly not disappointed.


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