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2023/07/03 – Dagny – Hare & Hounds, Birmingham

Review & Photos: G. Rossington.

Amazingly, it has been seven years since we last saw tonight’s headliner in concert back at Truck Festival in 2014. But tonight, Norwegian pop star Dagny arrived in Birmingham to play her debut show in the Second City. In the midst of a heatwave across the UK, the temperatures in the room were sweltering by the time she arrived on stage just after 8:45. Considering this was her first time in Birmingham, the venue was just shy of the full capacity.

What follows is a masterclass in perfect Euro Pop anthems. She greets us with her trademark wide smile and the band launch in to ‘Heartbreak in the Making’. Within seconds her army of die hard fans, some who have travelled from Norway for this particular show, are singing along in pure ecstasy. Her classic duet with Borns, ‘Fool’s Gold’ comes next followed swiftly by the single ‘Brightsider’. After the track, she declares that she is excited to be here and “it is so nice to see new and happy faces”.

Dagny is currently in the middle of a UK Tour supporting Sting across multiple outdoor venues, and instead of planning a day off to relax, she loves performing so much she decided to play a solo show somewhere exciting that she had never been. Clearly on a high from this run, her enthusiasm and showmanship is evident for everyone in the room to see.

Her debut album ‘Strangers/Lovers’ was released as a lockdown baby, available not only across all streaming and download sites, but also released on a limited edition vinyl too. Tonight we get a healthy mix of tracks from the majestic record. ‘Highs & Lows’ showcases the delicate acoustic underside she rarely shows in her music and she admits to the audience that she is not generally known for the softer side of things, but “one day I would love to make an acoustic album like this as it showcases my more vulnerable side… which I always find beautiful in music”. ‘Come Over’ brings us back to the full on Euro pop experience.

Having only released her newest single only 2 weeks prior, she seems taken aback as the room sings ‘Same Again (For Love)’ along with her word perfectly. Dagny’s music is very uplifting and filled with elated, happy vibes. You cannot help but let your cares dispense whether you are watching her show, or listening to her on record. There is something familiar and comforting with her outlook, and if you are feeling low, again, that winning smile is all it takes to pull you back.

Whilst further addressing the audience, Dagny tells the crowd that she is only a few weeks away from heading back to the studio to record her second record. If her recent standalone singles have been anything to go by, it should be another pop classic in the making. Early in her set she delivers a rendition of her duet with Astrid S, the super-catchy ‘Pretty’. We also get versions of older singles ‘Wearing Nothing’ and the Love Island endorsed ‘Love You Like That’ which sees her come in to the crowd to sing the final half of the song.

Named after Season 4, Episode 11 of ‘Sex & The City’, Dagny delights further in performing ‘Coulda Woulda Shoulda’, another highlight from ‘Strangers/Lovers’. Huge kudos must be given to Harry Mead (Drums), Hakon Sagen (Guitars) and Eirik Fjelde (Bass/Keys) and who make up Dagny’s band. Providing the beating heart to her vocals. Hakon Sagen regularly coming to the front of the stage to pull rockstar shapes whilst providing an electric guitar solo.

The insanely catchy ‘Backbeat’ strides up to play next and virtually sees the room bouncing along again whilst singing along word for word with her. It’s amazing to think that this track, alongside her ‘Ultraviolet E.P.’ was released back in 2016 and still sounds so vibrant and fresh today. The final song of the set is the brilliant ‘Somebody’. Again the whole room is bouncing along and singing at the top of their voices as the song closes out. The band group together and give a bow of thanks before disappearing through the crowd to the dressing rooms.

As a wonderful touch, around 15 minutes later, Dagny comes out to the merch desk and spends time with everyone who has queued to meet her. She willingly gives everyone a hug, thanks them for coming to the show, signs autographs and poses for selfies. Let’s hope it is not long before she keeps to her word and returns to not only Birmingham, but the UK as a whole.


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