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2023/11/03 – Megan Wyn – Kazimier Stockroom, Liverpool

Review & Photos: G. Rossington.

Megan Wyn may not be known by the masses just yet, but on the strength of the material on show tonight, it will not be long before her name is uttered amongst the masses. Already making a dent with the likes of XFM, and festival appearances at Truck, Y Not?, Isle of Wight and Cosmic Cape to name a few, tonight’s headline set is in support of her second single ‘Familiar Faces’.

At the humble age of 18, the girl from Angelsey (but currently Manchester), was clearly born in the wrong era. Her attitude, songwriting and overall sound is something that is straight out of the late Britpop era. Tonight’s set opening track, ‘Lover’, is full of attitude and reminiscent in the lyrical content to ‘Rock n’ Roll Star’. The “I like it when you call me your lover” refrain full of snarl and would not sound out of place being sung by Gallagher Junior.

Although she has released two official singles to date, there were a number of tracks released over the two years prior which have been removed from all online services so that she can re-work them with her band. The first of those tonight is ‘Better of You’. Upon hearing this new live version, the track has evolved in to a meatier beast and has the rage of an early 2000’s anthem.

Megan’s official debut single, ‘You Don’t Get It’, was released back in August and tonight shines bright during her set. Again, her live sound making the song sound beefier and fuller – not that it doesn’t sound like that already on record of course, but the sound in the room tonight as the tracks are being played out is fantastic.

‘Waiting For A Reason’ is a song that she had previewed earlier this Summer when we caught her at Truck Festival, and again comes across as a future firm favourite. ‘Alice’ has a lot of potential and seems to be more of a personal song dedicated to a close friend, although we missed the introduction to this one due to some obsessive talkers in the audience.

‘Jealousy’ is another track that was released previously but taken down for a re-work. As she introduces the performance, someone in the front row declares “This is my favourite one!” It is a beast, quite simply. The huge sound this song has before exploding in to a heavy stomper is amazing and certainly gets the room vibing along in style.

A surprise in the set tonight is a cover of Sugababes’ ‘Push The Button’. It’s fun and it’s a decent cover that again gets people nodding along as well as singing the chorus. It takes a brave soul to cover a modern iconic track and do it such justice. Megan and her band make this one of those fun moments to just relax and let go. Seeing her ditch the guitar and prowl around the stage with confidence shows what an alluring performer she is and knows not only how to work the room, but to also have fun with it.

‘Polaroid’ is the final re-worked track (and a personal favourite) and as Megan declares, is usually the song she finishes on. Tonight is an exception, a night of playing with running orders and seeing what works. The track, again, is glorious. Those who have been fans for a while and seen her career grow in such a short space of time, seem impressed with tonight’s version.

‘Are You Bored Yet?’ is another slice of indie-goodness and it’s potential for a festival favourite next Summer is already set in stone. The fact that Megan lets slip that it is her next single cements it. It’s another track that goes down well amongst the congregation tonight.

The final track in the all-too-short-set is the reason for the gig tonight, her latest single, ‘Familiar Faces’. Having only been out in the world for three weeks, it’s another that causes the masses to mouth along, tap their feet and generally rock out with the band. They power through making it a very upbeat and albeit, a slightly faster version than on record. Then, just like that, the show is sadly, all over.

Megan Wyn is definitely going places. Having such an incredible voice and mindset towards her career so far, hers will be a name you will begin to see again and again. Look out for any future dates coming in 2024, check out her singles already online and await the next release which hopefully won’t be too far away! You will not want to miss out on the incredible rise of The Girl from Red Wharf Bay.


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