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2023/11/29 – The K’s – HMV Empire, Coventry

Review & Photos: G. Rossington.

Having first seen The K’s back at Neighbourhood Weekender in 2019, tonight was the first time seeing them headline their own show. Despite them being on the circuit now for 4 years, it is a testament to the current underground indie scene that the band are doing so well in the lead up to next year’s debut album release.

Tonight they are playing the penultimate night of a 4-day tour in Coventry at the HMV Empire. Despite not being completely sold out, the atmosphere is full of anticipation and excitement. The night kicks off with two great warm up sets from hometown bands; The Mucks and The Institutes who were well received from the audience in attendance.

Just a little after the scheduled 9pm start time, the lights fade and the audience go wild. The late arrivals to the venue have almost pushed the room to it’s capacity tonight. The band arrive on stage silhouetted against the flashing lights from behind the set up. Without hesitation they launch straight in to an electric performance of their 2022 single ‘Picture’.

Watching them as they strut through their set, one thing is clear; they are impressive. You are transported back to a time when guitar music was still relevant and crashing into the top realms of the charts. It harks to an era when the likes of The Libertines, Kaiser Chiefs and The Enemy were exploding on to the scene, there is an air of excitement and urgency, almost reminiscent of a bygone punk era.

Throughout the set, frontman Jamie Boyle pulls the idyllic rock n’ roll poses, casually resting his foot on the amp in front of him, body slightly askew to the mic and leaning in, all whilst playing the guitar. Guitarist Ryan Breslin powers through the set pulling solos from nowhere but has a fantastic tone to his sound. The rhythm section of Jordan Holden on drums and the return of bassist Dexter Baker drive the songs with pure thrust.

All twelve of the bands’ singles to date make up the setlist, albeit no sneaky hints (as far as we know) at the future in the form of previews of next year’s debut album. But that aside, it doesn’t make the set any less exciting. Each track is performed with vigor and passion, but not only that, the audience are along for the ride too. Singing along with urgency, there are people on each others’ shoulders and crowd surfers throughout the set.

‘Got A Feeling’, ‘Chancers’ and ‘Landmines’ are electric, ‘TV’ and ‘Valley One’ show the depth of the lyrics mixed with urgent guitar riffs and the final song, 2017’s debut single ‘Sarajevo’ almost takes the roof off the venue. With the band and crowd in unison, the floor is literally bouncing with energy as the song comes to a fantastic crescendo. Jamie Boyle thanks everyone for coming tonight and reminds us that they will see us next year during their April/May UK Tour.

It’s refreshing to see a band of this stature not do an encore too. Two great opening acts, come in, blast through a fantastic set and then leave with the audience wanting more, it drives the desire to see them again. If the recent single ‘Heart On My Sleeve’ is anything to go by, next year’s debut album is set to be one of the highlights. If you can, get tickets now to see one of the UK’s most exciting new acts.


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