Carina Round All Set To Send Us ‘Tigermending’

Carina Round
Carina Round

Wolverhampton born singer-songwriter has released the final tracklisting and artwork for her 4th full-length studio album ‘Tigermending’. The album, due to be released on 15th May via her label Dehisce and distributed through The Orchard. Produced with Grammy nominated writer Dan Burns, Carina collaborated with some notable champions including the legendary Dave Stewart, Brian Eno, and Smashing Pumpkins’ front man Billy Corgan. She released the first single (in the US only) ‘The Last Time’ single featuring Sierra Swan along with a Puscifer remix of ‘Girl and the Ghost’ on limited edition 7” vinyl at the end of last year. You can watch the video at the bottom of this article.

The title of the forthcoming album ‘Tigermending’ comes from a painting by Amy Cutler where three women sit in a field dutifully stitching the bellies of a heap of helpless Tigers. Carina recounts:

“The first time I saw the painting I stared at it for a long time not understanding why. The absurd image absorbed me. There was an innocent simplicity to it. The gentle putting back together of something most ferocious and wild mysteriously damaged to the point of submission. I felt an affinity to it.”

She goes on to say:

“Making my home in the creative circus of Los Angeles has allowed me the profound opportunity to develop a loving and supportive community of brilliant musicians, artists, photographers, videographers and other collaborators. I’ve been fortunate to work with and learn from some of my favorite artists old and new, which has opened me up to new roads of expression. Also I’ve had time and freedom to experiment and explore, especially without the pressure or constraints of a label. Every song in its own way is speaking of really different things. There are guitar ragers, acoustic beauties, electronic epics, a little prog moment and all the good stuff in between but there’s a strong backbone running through the whole record.”

The confirmed tracklist for ‘Tigermending’ is as follows:

Pick Up The Phone
The Last Time (Feat. Sierra Swan)
Girl & The Ghost
You & Me
Set Fire
You Will Be Loved
Marcel Marcel/The Arrangement
Weird Dream
Mother’s Pride
The Secret of Drowning
Simplicity Hurts
Got To Go (L.A Song)

To preorder your copy and receive the ‘Billy Corgan 2000 BC Mix’ of ‘Got To Go’, go to her official store now.

Carina Round – The Last Time


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