Brooklyn five-piece AVA LUNA have made newly unveiled track ‘PRPL’ available for free download. The song, taken from their upcoming second album Electric Balloon, sees Becca Kauffman take the lead, her smooth, r’n’b vocals laid down over a backing of stripped-back synths, funk-inspired guitars and minimalistic beats.

While the album was once again recorded by band members Carlos Hernandez and Julian Fader, the final mixing was completed by Jimmy Douglass, whose previous list of collaborators includes Aaliyah, Timbaland, and Justin Timberlake. The result is a track that sounds slicker than you might expect from the band, but which nonetheless retains their highly original song writing style without making any compromises.

Electric Balloon is released on March 10th via Western Vinyl. ‘PRPL’ can be downloaded here.

Adrienne Law

Soundcheck's Content Editor. Music Lover, box set addict and compulsive reader.