East 17 Announce ‘Kings of Leon’ Inspired New Album

The 'new' East 17
The 'new' East 17

1990s pop group East 17 have said that their new album ‘Dark Light’ has been inspired by U2 and Kings Of Leon. The band, who are most famous for their 1994 single ‘Stay Another Day’, will put out the album on 2nd April and have said it is “subconsciously inspired by American music and rock ‘n’ roll”. The album does not feature the group’s eccentric former frontman Brian Harvey. The album’s accompanying press release says of ‘Dark Light’:

“It showcases the band’s new transatlantic rock sound, reminiscent of bands like Kings Of Leon and U2 and even artists like Brian Adams and Billy Joel It’s a brave move and one that’s paid off on a record that’s as catchy as ‘Summer Of 69’ and as soft rock and big sounding as it gets.”

The band’s songwriter Tony Mortimer, who has also produced the album, said of the record:

“I think everyone is subconsciously inspired by American music and rock ‘n’ roll and this time around we wanted to do something more live with less tricks.”

The album is the group’s first since 1998’s ‘Resurrection’ and will be released on FOD Records.

The tracklisting for ‘Dark Light’ is as follows:

‘I Can’t Get You Off My Mind (Crazy)’
‘Crazy Fool’
‘Counting Clouds’
‘Break Ur Heart’
‘Friday Night’
‘Kiss Of Winter’
‘Broken Valentine’
‘Where Does Love Go’
‘You Must Be An Angel’


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