Ladyhawke Says New Album Is Like A Tumor


Ladyhawke has compared the delay in releasing her new album ‘Anxiety’ to ‘a tumour’. Speaking to Digital Spy, the Kiwi singer, whose real name is Pip Brown, also described the delay as a “massive pain in the arse”. The album was originally scheduled for a March release, but Ladyhawke’s label Modular has pushed the release back to May this year. Brown stated:

“Believe me, it’s been a massive pain in my arse. This album has been done for a while now but I guess the record company want it to have the best chance possible. I’ve only just come back to England so I think they want me to do a lot more promo. It’s frustrating because I’ve been mentally prepared for a March release. This album is like a tumour and I just want it out of me now!”

Brown has previously described ‘Anxiety’ as more guitar-based than her self-titled debut:

“The tone of it is definitely darker. It’s still poppy and fun, but I listened to a lot of guitar rock when I was writing it, stuff like Pixies, Blur, Nirvana and I’ve always wanted to make a guitar record. There’s no synth, but there’s some organ. It’s more of a straight-up rock record”.


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