Lana Del Ray ‘Not Backed By Millionnaire Father’

Lana Del Ray
Lana Del Ray

Lana Del Rey’s first record label boss has dismissed rumours that the singer’s career has been funded by her millionaire father as “a bunch of crap”. Five Points Records head David Nichtern worked with the ‘Video Games’ star from 2007 to 2010 and released the singer’s original debut album, which was recorded under her real name, Lizzie Grant, and was available on iTunes for two months before being taken down. However, with Del Rey set to re-release the LP, Nichtern told MTV that there had been “a lot of misinformation” reported about the singer and her relationship with her old label.

“Her father never had anything to do financially with supporting her creativity,” he said. “I don’t know if he was lending her money to live off, but at least when she was with us, not a penny. I don’t know if he’s rich or not; I met him and he seemed like a pretty ordinary guy.”

He went on to add:

“But that whole thing that she was backed by her millionaire dad is a bunch of crap, basically. Certain facts about the record she did with us are completely misshapen.”

Nichtern also explained why the album had been removed from iTunes. “We put out the album digitally and at first she wanted it to be ‘R-A-Y’,” he said of the singer’s decision to adopt her stage moniker.

“And then we did one version of it that way, and then she wanted to change it to ‘R-E-Y’, so that was now the third name we were using to promote that artist. Shortly after that, her and her new manager came in and said ‘We want to get this off the market. We’re going for a completely new deal. We’ll buy you out of the deal.’ So we made a separation agreement.”

Lana Del Rey released her debut solo LP ‘Born To Die’ earlier this week and is currently on course to take the Number One spot in the Official UK Album Chart this weekend. You can hear the LP below.


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