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The Futureheads have revealed that they will be staging their own food festival this summer. The band will release their new album ‘Rant’ on 2nd April. The album is comprised entirely of acappella versions of the band’s tracks and a series of cover versions. You can hear the ‘Rant’ version of ‘Robot’ by scrolling down to the bottom of your screen now and clicking. Speaking to NME about their plans for the rest of the year, frontman Barry Hyde revealed that the band will be staging a food festival to celebrate the Olympics and that the band are also working with their local council to try and drive up attendance’s at local gigs. He said:

“We’ve got so many plans for this year. We’re putting on our festival Split for the fourth time. We’re doing a massive food event in Sunderland in June, which we’ll be performing at. It’s all to do with the Olympics. Our world is evolving in quite an unusual way. We’re always working with Sunderland council to try and increase the number of people at gigs.”

Hyde also spoke about the band’s plans for their next studio album and revealed that they are already well into the writing process for the follow-up to ‘The Chaos’. Asked about new material, he replied:

“We’ve already starting writing for the next album. We’ve got a lot of ideas and I think we’ve really opened things up for ourselves now with this album.”

Hyde additionally said that the band are hoping to release an album comprised of performances for the tour that will accompany ‘Rant’, which will feature the band playing alongside a large choir and folk band The Cornshed Sisters. Speaking about this, Hyde said:

“I really want to record every gig that we do on this tour and create a gig made up of the best performances and release that as an album. I want to record some acoustic versions too and get them out this year, it’d be good to release a couple of things in 2012.”

The band will tour the UK in April in support of the album. The gigs begin at Bristol’s Colston Hall on 3rd April and run until 13th April when the band play Manchester’s Royal Northern College of Music. The tour consists of nine dates in total.


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