The Uprising Tour: feat. The Town Come To The Slade Rooms

The Town
The Town

This June brings the Uprising Tour, which sends exciting young bands touring around the UK, to The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton on Saturday 9th June 2012. This particular leg of the tour will see hometown band The Town perform along with The Queue from Southampton and Marmalade Sky from Bristol. Expect some very special guests to be attending this one…

The Town
Three piece Indie/Rock band from Wolverhampton. Raw, Passion and energy with music and lyrics reflecting on British life and culture as it is today. Hoping to be part of a new generation! Official Website

Marmalade Sky
Five piece British rock’n’roll band from Bristol, UK. Classic British indie punk Rock’n’Roll music that’s gonna make people believe all over again. A new voice for a lost generation. Every era something will come along to bring it all back and wake people up! Lucky for us, and everyone else, that honour has been laid at our door

The Queue
The Queue. We are from Southampton. We use guitars to make music. “A genuine air of excitement and togetherness about their musical ability”.

Tickets priced £5.00 are available from Midland Box Office: 0870 320 7000 or online at The Civic Hall Website


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