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U2 Unveil New Material For Free

U2 have unveiled new song ‘Invisible’ and are giving it away for free on iTunes. The track will remain as a free download around the world via iTunes from 6:00 pm ET Sunday until 11:59 pm ET Monday. After which, the track will no longer be available.

U2 frontman Bono was quick to defend the track by stating that it isn’t to be classed as the first single despite it rumoured to appear on the next album.

[quote style=’1′ cite=”]”It’s the first [song] we finished, we have another song we’re excited about to kick off the album. This is just sort of a sneak preview — to remind people we exist.”[/quote]

As for the next album, there is no release date or even a schedule yet for when it is due to appear. Bono also mentioned that he hopes it would be released over the summer, but only time will tell.

U2 ‘Invisible’ is available now on iTunes.


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