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Wade MacNeil’s Split Appreciation

Wade MacNeil & Gallows
Wade MacNeil & Gallows

Wade MacNeil, new frontman in Gallows, has spoken out about the reaction he’s been getting since he replaced Frank Carter as the band’s singer. Carter quit the Watford punks in July last year and was replaced by MacNeil, who was formerly lead guitarist in Canadian hardcore band Alexisonfire. Speaking to Front, MacNeil said that though he was aware he’d been well received by some Gallows fans, there were a lot who would simply not accept anyone else as the band’s new frontman, especially in the UK . He said of this:

“There’s a lot of people that are rooting for me in the UK and they’re a lot of people who against me. I’m excited to shove it down their throats.”

MacNeil also spoke about the band’s plans for their third studio album and said that the release of their new EP ‘Death Is Birth’ should not be seen as an indicator of what’s coming next. He said:

“In the next year I want to put out a record that we’ll still be proud of in 2030. I think that it’s that strive to do something that’s a nod to the past, looking at the music that inspires you, but still doing something new, pushing punk and hardcore. The EP is an eight-minute burst of violence and that’s what we wanted to do. We didn’t over think it, we just put it out. As we write this next record, we’ll push to really challenge ourselves.”


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