Bee Gee’s Star Robin Gibb Could Have Pneumonia

Robin Gibb
Robin Gibb

The Bee Gees’s Barry Gibb has flown to the UK to be by the side of his brother Robin Gibb, after doctors suspect that he may have contracted pneumonia. The singer, who is in remission from liver cancer, was recently readmitted to hospital to have surgery on a recurring twisted bowel. The 62 year old is being treated in a private London clinic and brother Barry has now travelled from his home in Tennessee to see his younger sibling after being informed of his current situation. Barry’s son has also come from Miami to be closer to his uncle.

A family friend spoke to The Sun to say:

“They fear it may be the last time they’ll see Robin. His recovery and determination has been remarkable, but there’s been a turn for the worse… His body’s taken a hell of a beating. The doctors fear for him but he’s determined to battle on.”

The singer, who recently declared he was in remission from liver cancer, was readmitted to hospital last month to have surgery on a recurring twisted bowel. In 2003, Robin and Barry Gibb lost their brother Maurice, who died of complications suffered from a twisted intestine. Earlier this year, Robin blamed his recent poor health on the price of fame, saying he wondered if it was “karma”.


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