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Fat Les Are Back With New ‘Fit Les’ Campaign

Keith Allen of Fat Les
Fat Les – the novelty group fronted by comedian and actor, Keith Allen – are set to release ‘The Official Fit Les Olympics Anthem’ next month, as Fit Les.

The band, who released the unofficial 1998 World Cup single ‘Vindaloo’ and a version of the hymn ‘Jerusalem’ for Euro 2000, have ditched former member Alex James of Blur, but have recruited Happy Mondays vocalist Rowetta for the track as well as Matt Eaton.

The song, which rallies against the corporate sponsorship of this summer’s Olympic Games in London, Keith Allen has stated:

“Apparently during the build up to and during the Olympics we are not allowed to demonstrate nor are we allowed to have in our houses any politically inflammatory posters that could be used in a demonstration”.

He continues:

“Now I think people expressing themselves through sporting activity and healthy competition is wonderful but I don’t believe sport should be used to prop up and endorse rampant capitalism and the idea that 70% of spectators will have to navigate their way through Westfield is sickening”.

The band are currently working on the video to the single.


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