Hyde Park Olympics Concert To Be The Last Ever For Blur?

Damon Albarn
Damon Albarn

Damon Albarn has revealed that Blur’s Hyde Park gig might be the band’s swan song. In an interview with The Guardian, Albarn admitted that the band might call it a day after the show on 12th August to mark the end of the London Olympics. When asked if the band would play live again after Hyde Park, Albarn responded by saying “no, not really”. When pushed to reveal whether that really was it for the band, he said: “I think so, yeah”. He continued:

“And I hope that’s the truth: that that’s how we end it. I don’t know: you can write scripts, and they always end up going…well, one thing I’ve learned is that everything I think I’ve got totally sorted out, and I know exactly what’s going to happen, never works out that way…”

Albarn also gave a revealing insight into the band’s somewhat tumultuous recording process. The singer even went as far as to describe it as “difficult”. He admitted:

“I find it very easy to record with Graham (Coxon). He’s a daily musician. With the other two, it’s harder for them to reconnect. You know what I mean? It’s fine when we play live – it’s really magical still – but actually recording new stuff, and swapping musical influences… it’s quite difficult.”

Meanwhile, while Albarn might have some more free time available after Blur’s Hyde Park gig, it is unlikely that he’ll devote his attention to Gorillaz after he revealed he and co-creator James Hewlett had a serious creative disagreement during the making, and subsequent tour, of ‘Plastic Beach’. When asked if he and Hewlett had fallen out, Albarn said:

“That sounds very juvenile, doesn’t it? But being juvenile about it, it happens. It’s a shame.”

Along with playing at Hyde Park, Blur are also scheduled to headline Sweden’s Way Out West festival in August.


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