Kaiser Chiefs Still Crave Mainstream Success

Kaiser Chiefs
Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs guitarist Andrew White has insisted that the band still “crave” mainstream success. The Leeds band released their fourth studio album ‘The Future Is Medieval’ in June last year, but later admitted that sales of the album had struggled after they allowed fans to pick their favourite 10 songs from a choice of 20 to create their own tracklisting. Speaking to the Gainsborough Standard, White said he and his bandmates were still eager to reclaim the spotlight, stating:

“We’ve been there and we’ve done it. We’ve played stadiums, we’ve had Number Ones, we’ve won awards – but we still crave it. A bit of you says, ‘Just enjoy it now and go with the flow’ but the other part of you says ‘I want to get back in there and be current’.”

The guitarist also bemoaned the lack of guitar music in the charts, adding:

“There’s a lot of rubbish out there but at least record labels used to be able to sieve that out. There hasn’t been that ‘new Oasis’ or ‘new The Smiths’ yet and I really want one to come out and rejuvenate British guitar music again.”

Previously, both the band’s frontman Ricky Wilson and drummer Nick Hodgson have warned that guitar music is in peril, with the latter declaring that it is currently at an “all-time low”. Earlier this month, Kaiser Chiefs announced that they would be releasing a new version of ‘The Future Is Medieval’ exclusively for the US. The album, which is to be retitled ‘Start The Revolution Without Me’, will feature five new tracks, including ‘On The Run’ which the band have recently recorded with producer Stephen Street, and will released on 6th March.


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