LISTEN: The Away Days – ‘Places To Go’

The Away Days release the second single from their forthcoming album, Places To Go is set to be released on December 16th. The band, who are based in Istanbul, have released three singles and two EP’s to date, each release being met with massive critical acclaim. This new single serves as a taster for their debut album, which is set to drop in March 2017.

There are not an abundance of Turkish indie bands. The cultural hegemony of the U.S. and Europe and the scenes they represent make it tough for bands from non-familiar locations to break through. It takes a special act. Sezer (guitars) and Can (vocals/guitars) who formed The Away Days in Istanbul at the beginning of University are contending to be that special act.

The Away Days have supported the likes of Savages, Portishead, Wild Beasts and Belle and Sebastian. They are also due to support Local Natives on 24th November.  One of the things that makes The Away Days unique is the fact that they’re engaging in modern Western musical modes in a country that has deeply entrenched conceptions of East vs West. Given the current political situation and social unrest within Turkey, it’s extremely timely to have a band dealing with these realities while being immersed in in the Western music industry.

Their sound is diverse, many influences on display. Places To Go is the poppier end of their canon. An unrelenting and hook-laden affair that demands repeated listens. As ever with The Away Days, the tight production and smooth vocals combine with a complex arrangement.

At a time when the notions of East and West are increasingly under scrutiny the timing of this band could not be more important.


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