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Suede Have Opened Up More About Recording New Material

Suede Live in 2012
Suede have opened up, revealing that sessions are already under way on a potential new album. Reforming in 2010, Suede managed their comeback with a rare sense of dignity. Retaining the poise and purpose which fuelled their initial incarnation, the band also admitted that new material could still happen.

Now Suede have broken cover, opening up about recent recording sessions. Speaking to The Quietus, Brett Anderson revealed that the band went into the studio earlier this year.

“We’ve been working on the new Suede album, which has been really exciting. We’ve been writing for the last year, and recording on and off. We recorded one session in May, and we’ve got another at Sarm studios for a few weeks this month. It’s where they did a load of 80s pop things, like Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Seal, stuff like that. It’s Trevor Horn’s studio. Is he producing it? Yeah right, though we actually had a meeting with him in the 90s, Saul from Nude wanted him to produce ‘Head Music’. But no, Ed Buller is producing it.”

Continuing, Brett Anderson revealed that the album “sounds like Suede” although not “the last two albums”. “It sounds like a cross between bits of ‘Dog Man Star’ and bits of ‘Coming Up’. It’s not as light as ‘Coming Up’, not la la la hooky, though there’s pop moments” he said.

“Ed Buller is a real fan of pop music that really connects, the (Marc) Bolan sound, so it’s edging in the big pop chorus direction. It feels like it’s going to be good.”

There is no date yet for a final album, but no doubt fans will be delighted at the sound of what could possibly come from the band in due course.


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