Alan McGee Could Return To The ‘Creation’ of Music?

Alan McGee
Alan McGee has seemingly intimated that he wishes to return to the music industry. As the boss of Creation Records, Alan McGee helped to keep the flame of rock ‘n’ roll alive. The label’s outlaw stance stood it apart, with the imprint at its peak matching drugs, madness and near impeccable taste.

Having previous insisted that he had retired from the music industry, Alan McGee has now seemingly indicated that he wishes to get back in the saddle. Sending a statement to Louder Than War, the record industry mogul said:

“Since spending the summer helping curate Tokyo Rocks for next year it’s made me realise I do still love it! It was when I was flying back from Japan with the Primals that started me loving it again. I have to finish the edit to my film Kubricks and deliver the book I have signed up for but to be honest I am now seriously thinking about restarting Creation or maybe call it something else if I can find the right people at a label to work with. Music needs a kick in the balls and I have got the music buzz back again after working on Tokyo Rocks..”

The news has caused a stir in certain circles, with Alan McGee involvement in signing the likes of Oasis, Primal Scream and more giving him lauded prestige. However some has treated the announcement with dismay. The latter years of Creation were dogged with notorious signings – Mishka, anyone? – while Poptones largely failed to set the heather on fire.


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