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2019/03/27 – Sophie & The Giants – Castle & Falcon, Birmingham

Sheffield based rockers Sophie & The Giants played their second ever gig in the Second City last night at the Castle & Falcon to a very intimate crowd of barely twenty people. Those who were in attendance were treated to a 40-minute set of brilliant indie-pop that given the right footing, will see the band selling the venue out within no time.

Despite the very small audience, the band were not phased and played with extreme professionalism and passion. Opener ‘Waste My Air’ gives the perfect example of what to expect from the young stars. Chunky guitars over a 1975 dreamy vibe with Florence & The Machine vocals.

Front woman Sophie Scott can pack a punch with her impressive vocal range. ‘Wild Child’, ‘Space Girl’ and ‘Over The Moon’ offer variety, strong lyrics and fun. ‘Monsters’ is a funky electronic delight and ‘Break Your Heart’ is the nearest thing to a melancholy song that they have in their current catalogue.

Recent single ‘The Light’ comes across as loud and brash in a perfect way and shows once again Sophie’s dynamic vocal range and she dives between the quiet and hushed to the loud and rocking.

The final highlight of the ten-song set is the excellent ‘Bulldog’. A rampant explosion of perfect experimental pop with rock n roll undertones. A perfect ending to an exciting evening witnessed by only a few.

Let’s hope that the intimate crowd doesn’t put the band off returning soon as Sophie and The Giants are a band that need to be seen by more and more. This is another of the acts that 2019 should hopefully bring the best things for.

There is something fresh and exciting about Sophie & The Giants. Yes, if you break down each song, you have heard the lyrical content, the chord progression and beats a thousand times over, but combine them together mixed with Sophie’s delivery and slight awkward engagement with the audience, there is something fresh and very exciting about these youngsters that is missing from the current crop of new guitar bands.


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