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More Movement From Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin have posted a new clip on Facebook, stoking further speculation as to their future plans. What are Led Zeppelin up to? A few days ago, the band began posting mysterious images on their Facebook feed, alluding to some sort of countdown. Now the band have posted a short clip, featuring their iconic four symbols and the roar of an audience. Lasting a mere sixteen seconds, the clip has stoked enormous speculation amongst Led Zeppelin fans.

Some believe that the clip points towards a tour, but it’s worth remembering that ‘Sir Bob of Stourbridge’ aka Robert Plant recently labelled a potential re-union as “a pain in the pisser” when chatting with Rolling Stone. Contrasting to that statement though, Jimmy Page was seen at the recent Stone Roses gig at The Village in London as was quoted to have said that he was “inspired” about how well a reunion could go.

A more likely explanation is that Led Zeppelin are finally set to release their 2007 concert as a live DVD. Performing in honour of Atlantic boss Ahmet Ertegun, the classic line up of the band re-united with Jason Bonham on drums. The performance has never been officially released, and would make for a remarkable artifact for fans. Time will tell, but whatever comes of the announcement, it is certain that a new era in the legacy is about to be carved.

Led Zeppelin – Teaser Trailer.


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